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Home of 2030 Charette

Home of 2030 is a design and delivery competition created to drive innovation in the provision of affordable, efficient and healthy homes for all.


We need to increase the supply of new homes, ensuring resources are used efficiently and we build them to last. They need to provide healthy, safe and attractive places to live, that benefit people and communities. It is a big challenge.


Home of 2030 aims to inspire and reward the ambition of housing providers, designers, the supply chain and others helping to meet the big challenge of future housing needs.

Home of 2030 charette at HOMES UK

09.30-12.30 Thursday 28 November

Challenge brief:


The way we live is rapidly changing and creating social, lifestyle, environmental and sustainability challenges. The design criteria for future new homes must meet these and more challenges.


This ‘hackathon’ style charette is asking you as future designers and creators of the homes of tomorrow to consider the issues and present some solutions to the housing challenges.


You have just three hours to discuss the needs and challenges of our future homes, consider methods of construction, suggest materials and propose a design solution(s). At the end of the morning you will have the opportunity to share your team’s thought processes and decision making and present an initial design proposal.


Designing Homes for the future and meeting the needs of our changing lifestyles and ageing population will demand more adaptability, flexibility and specialisation.

These requirements must extend beyond the home and into the local built environment, neighbourhoods and communities.



Some points for consideration...

    • By 2030 20% of the UK population will be over 65 years old, that is 1 in 20 and 1.5 million homes in the UK will have people over 85 years of age living in them. An increase of 161% on today’s housing occupation by age.
    • Homes that meet the needs of older people will be in great demand.
    • Today, 42% of family homes have three bedrooms. Therefore, homes designed for families will be occupied by older people who may want to downsize but are not able to find or afford smaller, suitable homes.
    • Currently by 2050, most of the homes in the UK will have been built before the year 2000.
    • Over the next few years there will be a huge increase in the numbers of people working from home, particularly older people. Many of these will have to work for longer.
    • 70+ year olds travel 50% less than 50-year olds, but owned cars are still their most common form of travel as public transport does not generally meet their needs. Active transport will be imperative.
    • The home will become a place for healthcare and health monitoring tools.

Future homes must not just be pretty buildings that celebrate modern construction, but a series of spaces that have meaning and heart. Home isn’t just where you live, it is how you live. Home is always about people.

The design and composition of your home(s) must be adaptable, flexible, accessible, easily altered and extended as the family grows in size, age and need. It will champion modern methods of construction, stretch the use of data technologies, exploit new smart and healthy building materials.

Within the design you should consider spaces, layout comfort, functional areas, family areas, private space, future lifestyles, passage and flow.

The buildability and sustainability of your home, compared with today’s new houses, must be faster, cheaper, affordable, consume less energy, less lifetime carbon, less material demand, demonstrate good quality development, design and performance. The home must not just provide high living standards but also be beautiful in appearance and whilst designing for high volume construction, avoid the euphemism ‘all new houses look the same’.

You might think about the effects of climate change and building on ground previously considered unsuitable, designing for either rural areas or busy urban towns and cities.

Imagine you are the future creators of our built environment. Combining clever, optimistic and imaginative design and the potential of fantastic new technologies, the homes of the future can be absolutely amazing. Hopefully this short challenge is an opportunity to begin thinking about re-shaping modern housing and show us the sort of home design that you might want for yourself and future families.

Paper, pens, markers, post-it stickers etc., will be provided to help you present the development of your thinking, brief development and design solutions. Good Luck!

Should you wish to take part, please register to attend HOMES UK in the usual way and tick the relevant box to confirm your interest. You will then be contacted with further info.


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