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Embracing innovation to improve fire safety

Award-winning engineer and original inventor of Automist, Yusuf Muhammad will be a guest speaker on the digital innovation in construction and asset management session, at HOMES UK 2019.


Ahead of the event, Yusuf explains why he is urging the housing sector to embrace innovation to significantly improve fire safety – especially for vulnerable people.

What are you speaking about at HOMES UK?

I’m the founder of fire suppression specialist Plumis and during my session, I will be talking about what housing associations and councils can do to reduce the number of fire-related deaths and injuries in their homes.


Firefighting and rescue are not the first line of defence, but the last and reports like the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and the Hackitt Review have rightfully drawn attention to the failures and weaknesses of fire safety control in many of today’s buildings.


How is Plumis helping to improve fire safety in the built environment?

We created Plumis over a decade ago because we were inspired by the passion and commitment shown by firefighters, and we wanted to develop an intelligent solution that can tackle fires more efficiently, in more homes, and reduce the amount of damage or property loss as a result.


Today, our Automist solution has been installed in numerous homes all around the world and we are proud to have saved multiple lives as a result. In my session, I will be sharing the progress of our latest UK projects to explain why now more than ever, housing providers should be taking an intelligent approach to fire safety.


What do you mean when you say taking an ‘intelligent approach to fire safety’?

Rather than aiming to meet benchmark standards and regulations, we believe that housing providers need to take a multi-layered approach to fire safety that considers the individual needs of their residents.


Automist is a modern alternative to sprinklers that is much more adaptable to individual resident circumstances. Each system can be self-contained in a flat or a floor, instead of a centralised residential system with an independent tank or pump room. Individual dwellings can be retrofitted on a need or availability basis without the need for a collective disruption to all occupants. Installation can be done as part of a refurbishment or maintenance program. This can be particularly useful when dwellings are a mix of lease and free holders and tenant buy in is important.


Why should people come and hear you speak at HOMES UK?

By attending HOMES UK, you will be able to hear how housing providers can do everything they can to prevent the outbreak of a fire, reducing the amount of damage caused to a building by current fire tackling methods and offer a greater level of safety, by taking an intelligent approach.


Yusuf Muhammad will be speaking as part of a session on digital innovation in construction and asset management normal on 28 November at 09:45-10:30 in the Salesforce TECH Theatre. Register to attend HOMES UK for free* now.


*A fee applies for commercial organisations